¿Qué es la prueba de canal, la prueba de enlace y la prueba de latiguillo de Fluke?

Channel Test: This item is often used as a network patch test item. The tested network cables can meet most network needs and are suitable for small business networks and home wiring connections for short distance transmission.

Link test: It can also be said to be a permanent link test. The main function of this project is to test whether the project network cable meets the standard. Through the network cable of the test project, it can be applied to long-distance outdoor connection to ensure the transmission effect.

Patch cord test: Also known as single-line test, it is mainly aimed at network jumper test items, and it is also the highest-level test item. The test performance includes long use time, more stable performance, no packet loss, data loss and other phenomena. Compared with the network cables that pass the channel test, the network cables that pass the single test have better performance and are suitable for application environments with high performance requirements, such as large and medium-sized data centers or brand data centers.


Post time: Aug-27-2022

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